"Sharing the night sky with others, looking through an ice-window from inside an iglu while sipping wild tea and sitting on warm caribou skins... these are the kinds of memories I like to create."

Chad Clifford has been on a decades-long journey to discover interesting ways to experience the unique benefits of one's time spent in the wilderness.

Drawing on extensive dirt-time, scholarly research, and related experiences, he has developed workshops, multi-day courses, trips, public demos, and led courses at colleges and universities to help others be safe and attain the skills to enhance the wilderness experience.

Chad describes ways we can become less reliant on modern gear, while enjoying and learning  bushcraft and nature lore as a way to truly explore and understand the environment.

He has been in various productions and has done consulting on outdoor and survival shows like Hugh McManners (BBC2 Bare Necessities).  Music in nature is another area that has led Chad to research, write, and share powerful ways to experience our natural world and has worked on nature soundscape recording and related research.

Education includes undergrads in Science; Education; and Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism; and Graduate degree thesis on nature experiences. Other training and certificates includes Cornell's Natural Sound Recordist, and various teachers  including Tom Brown Jr., Mors Kohanski, traditional elders and friends.