Bow and drill fire lighting.

Bushcraft & Nature Lore Treks

with Chad Clifford

Cost for each outing: $ PAY-AS-ABLE

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This is a 'trial series' of afternoon treks in the Carp Hills exploring bushcraft, survival skills and related lore. Activities vary with the weather and group but many include: traditional fire starting; learning animal tracks; emergency snowshoe making; useful plants, lost-proofing and much more. This is intended for adults and older youth (12+ if accompanied by guardian).

Chad has taught survival skills and related outdoor pursuits for all ages and levels in various locations in Canada. Read more about Chad here:

Cost for each outing: $PAY-AS-ABLE.
These outings rely on the participants' generosity to cover: instructor, facility use, and other participants not currently able to afford costs. (For reference only: Day fees for Chad's more formal courses run approximately $120-250/day/person).